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The Path to Sustainable Future

Miden have developed a super effective method – which by accumulating with our technology, experience, and know-how, we can create a proven end-to-end carbon footprint-free activity.

Solar Panels

Private Players

We are creating private carbon-free microgrids for more efficient and cleaner energy consumption, which support both day-to-day operational needs and cutting edge sustainable transformation.

Next Generation Agri-Solar Technologies

We are leading the Agriculture sector to real-life reliable Agriculture and Solar systems integration. It offers an Agri-first approach to ensure the supply chain of the best Agricultural products with a robust economy.

what we do

Zero Carbon Footprint

Public Sector

​We are breaking down the challenges and creating Net Zero Energy Municipalities. Our solution empowers municipalities to gain maximum control over clean energy production and electricity self-consumption.

Our process

A beginning-middle-end service methodology

our process

First Stage

Actionable planing

Putting your activity in a detailed characterization process for a sustainable solution to fit your needs

Second Stage

Turn-Key Execution

Full integrated responsibility for establishing, funding, operating, and real-time monitoring your sustainable infrastructure

100% funding - zero risk

Turn-key project

Tailored made

Sharing the value
Safety & accountability


Creating a fully functional microgrid infrastructure, for long sustainable growth - your net income goes UP & your net carbon footprint goes DOWN 

who are we?

We are A group of people passionate about eliminating Mankind's carbon emissions

Our Core Values

Miden Vast Epreience

We've been around you know. Seen clients from all sizes and all shapes.

Challenge Seekers

We dare ourselves and our cutomers to think of  unordinary  ideas.

Keep it simple

We know the value of keeping things simple

Long distance- Runners

We are proud of the close relationships we keep with our clients.

Hacker Spirit

Just ask us- "Is it possible?"

In data we trust

When Morpheus (The Matrix) offered us the red pill to show "How deep the rabbit hole goes"... We took 3. Don't tell us you didn't watch the movie?!

Self- Entrepreneurs

We test and consider each of the latest trends, and best practices in the digital marketing world. UX features and monetization tools. We put our money where our mouth is.

Shipping fast. Back to back with tech teams.

Always be Agile

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